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lavender floral water

lavendel bloemenwater

Lavender is not only a beloved scent in the world of aromatherapy, but it also has numerous benefits for your skin and well-being. One of the most prized products extracted from this fragrant plant is lavender floral water. In this blog post, we'll discover why lavender floral water is a must-have for your daily beauty routine and how it can boost your mental well-being.

The Natural Essence of Lavender: Lavender floral water is extracted from the distillation of fresh lavender flowers. This preserves the essential oils and benefits of the lavender plant. The result is a refreshing and soothing liquid with a delicate floral aroma.

The Benefits for Your Skin:

  1. Calming Properties : Lavender flower water has natural calming properties. It can reduce redness and irritation, making it suitable for sensitive skin types.

  2. Hydration : It helps your skin stay hydrated and can even help treat dry skin.

  3. Balance and Tonicity : Lavender floral water helps restore your skin's natural pH balance, leaving it fresh and radiant.

  4. Acne control : Lavender's antibacterial properties can help prevent and treat acne outbreaks.

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