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Developing a skin care routine can sometimes be confusing.
So many options, different opinions, brands, you name it. It's no wonder that some men abandon the whole idea of ​​finding out what's best and use the first products they find on the shelves of their local store. But that does more harm than anything - as your body's largest organ, you need to pay attention to your skin, especially as you get older. Your future self will be glad you did, because the secret to your future is hidden in your daily routine.

In today's men's skin care blog, we'll give you the best moisturizing tips you need to start a great skin care routine. You will discover what to look for in moisturizers and what works best: gels, creams or lotions?

So grab a cup of coffee and let's dive in!

Should Men Use a Moisturizer?
What does this mystical moisturizer do? Is this just another marketing ploy to get us to buy more grooming products? As we learn more and more about skin care products for men, I can confidently say that a moisturizer is essential to any skin care regimen. A nice moisturizer is worth its weight in gold and is perhaps the most important skin care product there is. If you have nothing else in your bathroom and you can only choose one skin care product, make it a face cream.

Your skin consists of many layers
The stratum corneum is the outermost layer and protects your body's internal structures from injury and bacteria.

Its purpose is similar to that of a car's paint. It protects what's underneath.

But the stratum corneum cannot do its job if it does not have enough moisture.

Your skin needs moisture to prevent the growth of bacteria, produce new skin cells and maintain its elasticity. Without water, your skin would tear or tear with every movement. Therefore, your skin can be a good indicator of whether you are staying properly hydrated throughout the day.

There are three main benefits of using facial moisturizers
Hydrates your face when it is dry.
Prevents your skin from drying out again by creating a protective barrier against outside elements, such as cold weather.
Reduces fine lines/wrinkles by filling in these "valleys" in your skin.
Your skin produces sebum oil, which it uses to reduce moisture loss from the skin's surface through evaporation.

You've done a lot to your face
Think about it - you wash it twice a day (I hope), you shave, and unless you walk around naked, your face is probably the most exposed part of your body during the day.

In other words, this means that on top of the natural evaporation that occurs, you are exposing your face to cold weather, pollution, wind, UV rays and many other elements, all of which help to dry it out and damage its protective barrier.

For all those reasons, it would be a pretty wise decision to start using a face cream.

Lotions (both face and body) are designed to absorb quickly, so you can apply them and get on with your day.

Lotions are suitable for oily, dry and normal skin – they provide the necessary hydration and strengthen the skin during the day.

However, it would help if you were careful, as lotions are more popular than body lotions - and as you may know, the skin on your face is not the same as the skin on your hands or legs.

Sometimes body lotions are heavily scented and that can cause irritation on your face, so keep an eye on the ingredients list as well.