Spring naar de hoofdinhoud

Hey, I'm Joeri, the founder of Avell Skincare .

Avell Skincare was founded in 2023, after I was looking for skin care specifically for men and I had no idea where to start and what routine I should apply. With Avell Skincare I try to eliminate that problem by providing clarity about every step, from step 1 to step 4 or 5, so that all you have to do is apply it and enjoy the beautiful glow it gives you.

Many products for men are labeled "for men" and have a masculine scent, but beyond that it wasn't clear to me what exactly it did, or how and when to use it. Also, not much time is often spent on developing the products. Improvements are often made in women's products, so that a clear difference can be seen when a woman uses them, while this often lags behind in men's products.

I also noticed that it is often not clear exactly which ingredients are included. That's why I put all the key ingredients on the front of each product ! So I started looking for the best producer who only works with natural ingredients, ships and packages in an environmentally friendly way, and of course produces in Europe . In short, products without junk, sulphates, added perfumes and microplastics.

My goal with Avell Skincare is to help every man (a growing market of 11.4%) with skin care and thus become the best version of themselves .

Avell Skincare